Sponsored - Docksoap at the International Multihull Show 2024

DOCKSOAP strives to provide an effective alternative to the use of products that are harmful to the environment, by offering yachtsmen hygiene and maintenance products that respect the marine ecosystem, for life on board.

Soaps, shampoos and dishwashers that can be used with seawater to save freshwater resources on board, and which can be discharged into the environment with a low ecological footprint.                       

The formulas are highly concentrated in active ingredients, to be more durable and economical while greatly reducing the carbon footprint.

Liquid products are packaged in 100% recycled Pet bottles incorporating 20% of plastics recovered from the sea and rivers of developing countries, and certified Prevented Ocean Plastic.=

DOCKSOAP also offers an alternative to plastic containers with solid products that can also be used with seawater (solid shampoo, dish soap), suitable for "nomadic" users: sailors, surfers, kiter, divers, but also trekkers and hikers.

All products are made in France, in the birthplace of Marseille soap.